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Secret Formulas for Mastering Intimate Relationships

To order the book Words of Love for Men, you have two options.  You may call 1.760.639.5255. Major credit cards accepted.  The price is $12.95 U.S. each + $5.00 for shipping within the U.S.A.  Expedited shipping is available.


You may use the paypal system to pay for your order. Paypal is a free-to-you service for online credit card transactions. When you click on the button below, you will enter the paypal system where you may enter billing information, and shipping information. Your invoice will show PayPal - Celestial Design Inc.

Words of Love for Men (paperback)
Allow 2 weeks for delivery
$12.95 USD
+$5.00 S&H
Words of Love for Men (Adobe Acrobat PDF) $12.00

If you order a paperback, the order board is updated nightly and your book will be sent to you the next business day. If you need expedited shipping, or would like to order more than three books, please call 1.760.639.5255.

If you order a downloadable book, it will arrive in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Keep in mind that, although it is in a digital format, normal copyrights do apply and all rights are reserved. If you enjoy the book and want to recommend it to a friend, please direct them to this website. To view your downloadable book, you may need the free Acrobat reader. You can get it here.

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