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Secret Formulas for Mastering Intimate Relationships


"Many of the greatest truths are very simple ones.  I believe this book qualifies as one of those great, simple truths.  It makes true communication between two people the capstone of any relationship, as it truly is. Speak the right words and you will hear the right words in return.  Yes, it is that simple!"

Gary Covert
Marriage Counselor
Vista, California

"When you read this book, you feel inspired because Words of Love has spoken to your soul. This book has given us a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship."

Graham Beaton Ph.D. and Julie Beaton Ph.D.
Poway, California

"What a wonderful book!  I feel I've gained years worth of knowledge.  Now I know why I made many of the choices I've made. Everyone should read this book."

Valerie Guymon
Salt Lake City, Utah

"If we apply these simple formulas to our lives, we will ultimately recreate our world, filling it with love and respect for ourselves and all others who come into our lives."

John Rider
Carlsbad, California

"Inspiring and life-changing! Words of Love For Men is easy-to-read and digest. Prepared almost like a textbook, it provides an overview, review, and steps to follow - along with reminders. The stories and examples are delightful and make the reader feel close to the authors, which creates a loving feeling…all part of their important message. Wendy's poetry is elegant and ethereal, flowing with romantic imagery. Everyone should read this book: young and old, male and female, married and single, because it carries the greatest message of all: we all experience perfect divine love from our Creator and our beings not only thrive on that love, but actually exist because of it. Our happiness here, now, and forever depends upon that love and our sharing it with everyone whose lives we touch. Thanks Mark and Wendy for sharing your experience, wisdom, and love!

Connie Myers
Albuquerque, NM

"This is a wonderful, practical guide for men (as well as women) to use in creating the loving relationships they desire in their lives.  By using the simple formulas Wendy & Mark suggest, anyone can achieve the true love and happiness we were meant to create on this earth."

Phyllis LeFevre
NLP Practitioner
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I have read Words of Love for Men and was amazed at the simplicity of the book but yet it was so thorough and powerful. I found the emotional discriptions in the book of how women feel mirrored my feeling exactly. It was so helpful to me to realize that other women were struggling and frustrated with the same issues and felt the way I did.

This book made such an impact on both me and my fiance. Our relationship continues to grow and our ability to effectively communicate our love for one another improves by using the easy to apply principles.

I highly recommed this book to everyone, men and women, to better any and all relationships. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone about the great things in this book and how it impacted my life."

Misty Tripoli
Los Angeles

"Reading this book has set me on the path to a new way of thinking... I will use it as a guide throughout my life journeys."

Anthony Simpson
Sargeant USMC

"As soon as I started to read Words of Love for Men, things began to change. This book really put certain aspects of my relationship in perspective and personally opened my eyes to situations that I was mostly unaware of."

Jon Craig
Sargeant USMC

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