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About this book

Words of Love for Men provides help for all relationships. We are all involved in relationships; relationships with our spouse, or loved one, with our children, with bosses, and employees, with the grocery clerk, and the neighbor next door. While some people are naturally successful at cultivating workable relationships, many of us could use .... well, some direction. Words of Love for Men provides tools, in an easy to use format, that will enrich your life by improving your relationships. Even more, this book provides tools for increasing the joy and satisfaction you feel in your everyday life.

Words of Love for Men dispels some of the myths and mystery concerning women. Men and women approach relationships differently, and have differing expectations. All too often a woman's needs in a relationship are overlooked or ignored. Words of Love for Men will teach you how to create and maintain an environment where love and intimacy can flourish. It's not really that difficult, and the benefits are enormous.

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